Students are introduced to movement and storytelling
while learning to be comfortable in front of a group.

Grades 2-5
These 1-week classes give kids a chance to prepare, rehearse, and perform a 7 - 10 min show; with themes drawn from classic fables, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes.

Grades 6-12  
Scripted scenes are available, or students may write their own, giving them the opportunity to express their creativity, while learning stagecraft, play structure, comic timing and more!


Kids will be encouraged and enabled to “find their funny” through creative play.
From work with props, to theater games fostering creativity, focus, spontaneity, listening & cooperation skills, students will learn to work without a script and to exercise their own quick and ready wits.


Hand-Eye Coordination
Peripheral Vision
Cross-Body Ability
Depth Perception
Neuromuscular Balance!


This class will build your child’s hand-eye coordination and body awareness in a new and exciting way.

Kids will learn to balance objects, juggle scarves and balls, spin plates, twist balloon animals, a bit of mime & physical comedy.