Grades K-5

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Kipling's Just So Stories

Allow yourself to be transported from the Howling Desert to the Great Grey-Green Greasy Limpopo River to the Dusty High Veldt — and beyond!

Young and old alike delight in these wonderful tales, and this family program involves the audience in bringing them to life.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Hilariously interactive version of Ichabod Crane's terrifying encounter with the "Headless Horseman"!

Recounted in comic style by the lanky schoolteacher's rival,
Brom Bones — does Brom know more than he's saying?

Did Ichabod really see a ghost, or is there a more down-to-earth explanation for the events of that fateful night?

 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Grades 6 +

Life in Medieval & Renaissance Times

An hysterically historical journey through a day in an average person's life. Programs cover elements of the period such as: hygiene & health, romance & religion, science, superstition, and Shakespeare's stage.  

Throughout the production, students will be invited onstage to emphasize and enact the events; playing characters from the Queen and her courtiers, to the animals and spectators at a bear-baiting!

"An enriching really hooked them
on the entire time period."

- Pine Run School


Greek Mythology

This wonderful program of bold adventurous heroes, fearsome monsters and maidens fair — with audience volunteers involved at every turn.

Timeless tales of the Olympian Gods, and the Golden Age of Mortals, recreated by your students!

  Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box


A Christmas Carol

Join Tiny Tim (all grown up and not at all dead) as he retells the story of his Uncle Scrooge’s redemption from greed and misanthropy.

Dickens' classic as you've never seen it before — audience volunteers are an integral part of the performance, playing all three Spirits, Marley, Belle, and even Scrooge.


"I felt like I was part of the show, and I was
always on the edge of my seat."

- student, St. John the Evangelist School


Works of Shakespeare

  Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Students will be prevailed upon to portray pivotal roles and give voice to some of the Bard's most memorable lines.

Interactive comedies of Shakespeare's most famous works remove fear and confusion about the language, and clarify the structure of the play in an atmosphere of rollicking good humor.


Edgar A. Poe's Tales of Terror

Crafted by the renowned master of the macabre and poet extraordinaire, "resurrected" by audience volunteers. Fearsome good interactive fun, presented by Poe's Greatest Detractor - Rufus W. Griswold


Revolutionary America

Lewis Hallam, founder of America’s 1st theatrical company, presents scenes of Colonial life and the fiercely-fought War for Independence!

Throughout the show, volunteer actors will be ‘conscripted’ from the audience into starring roles.


Civil War


The personal memoir of a Maryland lad, Ned Rich, and other primary sources will be used in discussing the origin of the "Recent War of Northern Aggression"


Book a Show

To book a show, please email via the Contact link or call 215.512.1962

School shows are divided by size into Workshops and Assembles:
Workshops are limited to no more than 150 students, while Assemblies may be as large as necessary.

Workshops are $400 for the first, and $200 for each subsequent.
Assemblies are $600 for the first, and $300 for each subsequent.
**This price break is valid district-wide; so if any other schools in the district want
performances on the same day, those shows are at the discounted rate!

Travel expenses depend upon distance from Phoenixville, PA.