A Christmas Carol


Ebenezer Scrooge’s redemption from greed and misanthropy, retold by Tiny Tim (all grown-up and
not-at-all dead, thank you very much). 

Tim is delighted to share what Mr. Dickens called a “ghost of a tale” in the hopes that the spirit of Christmas Past, Present, and Future shall strive within us all – all the year ‘round!  No humbug here, just joy and good will!  Time permitting, perhaps a parlour game of Minister’s Cat!

A delightful crowd at Maris Grove Retirement Community in PA - Happy Christmas, and God Bless Us, Every One!


Edgar A. Poe


Wonderfully creepy tales with the lovely folks at Maris Grove in PA!

Fearsome good fun with classic works of horror by renowned master of the macabre, Edgar Poe, presented by Poe's Greatest Detractor - Rufus W. Griswold.  Scenes from The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale heart, The Cask of Amontillado, and more!

After the performance, Rufus will be pleased to share scurrilous tales of Edgar’s youth, and field questions from all and sundry on topics rich and Poe.


Stand Up Tragedy - The Underside of History

Ned & Yorick Listen.jpg

Elizabethan England’s greatest actor of tragedy, Ned Alleyn, presents a hysterically historical discourse on Tudor life as you ne’er knew it!  

Ned will regale the crowd with embarrassingly true tales of the Queen, his own rivalry with Shakespeare, and other topics ranging from hygiene & health, romance & religion, science, superstition, and Shakespeare's stage!
At the close, there will be time for queries from the esteemed audience, and even a feat or two of juggling!