Interactive Historical Comedy

  Leeching & Medicine

Hysterically funny and historical too! 
Presented by a real character using English dialects and period language!— Making festival guests of all ages the stars!

Bringing laughter to many thousands since 1988!

A little bit of flash and a whole lot of substance!
22o min of material without repeated content…oh, and juggling!

There are no acrobatics, flashing steel, cracking whips, and only a few flying knives. 

What you will get is a wide variety of hysterical shows built on character, comedy, history and wit - shows designed to enhance and complement your festival’s theme.

Fast and funny shows which put the renaissance into your festival!

Juggle Tooth 02_cropped.jpg
 A Vicious, Mean-Spirited, Ugly Mob

Witch Trial & Bear Baiting

Big crowds and even bigger laughs!  (PG 30-45 min)


Stand Up Tragedy

(All Ages  30-45 min)

  • Escorting a Lady

  • Queen Vs Puritan

  • Romeo & Juliet

  • Chamber Potty Humor

  • Macbeth

  • Pandora’s Box

  • Medieval Medicine

  • Kipling’s Just So Stories  (Kids Show)